lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

The Black Weddings | Story / Song - #OtBHorrorOctober |



Love can be wonderful, tender, fill you with all the happiness possible

and more, if you love someone you're entitled to unlimited.

But there are sometimes loves that go beyond rational limits. Swinging on the pendulum of madness and sanity.

There are stories with so few lines can get a rich variety of feelings, from the first to the last print may change when you listen closely. The first time I heard this song, I got chills, could anyone love to that degree?

Hear the story that told me one day

An old undertaker in the county

He was a lover of unholy luck
The reaper, her sweet well snatched

Every night, he going to the cemetery
To visit the tomb of his beautiful love
People whispered mysteriously
It is a dead escaped the pit

In a horrendous night , He shattered
The marble tomb abandoned
Dig the dirt was carried in his arms
The rigid skeleton of your beloved

And there in the dark rather than dark
From a funeral to the uncertain candle flame
He sat beside her cold bones
And I celebrate their weddings with dead

He tied the bare bones with ribbons
The flower crowned the skull stiff
The ugly mouth full of kisses
And he told his loves smiling

He drove to the bride at fluffy thalamus
And he lay down behind with her, in love with her
And forever, he fell asleep
Embraced to the rigid skeleton.



Love is a feeling so strong that can make you fall into madness,

or maybe even want to stay in the hereafter with the beloved.

And you, what kind of love these days prefer, horror, spooky or just normal?


Enjoy of Horror October!!! :)




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