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Unstoppable, The Unexpected Trilogy: a Companion Novella by Amity Cross |Meet and Greet + Review|



 The Unexpected Trilogy: a Companion Novella

by Amity Cross


Genre: Erotic Romance

(18+ due to sexual content)

Release: OUT NOW!

Rob Hancock was never the savior type.
No one came to save him when life beat him down. He had to save himself and one thing he'll never admit is joining rock 'n' roll band, Affliction, did just that.
When he unwittingly saves a young woman named Lilly from a nasty situation, he's about to get more than he bargained for. Now he's her savior and will do whatever it takes to make her safe. From whatever...or whoever...she's running from.
And when push comes to shove, he'll be unstoppable in his desire to deliver her from her demons.


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Meet and Greet to ...

Hello, Hellou sweet readers and kittens,

Here I am with a nice star-pass for blogs, with excitement and a little nervous to ask some questions to the protagonists of the new story of Amity Cross, Unstoppable.

Rob, Lilly and of course an additional star: Amity, they are here with a Meet & Greet for this blog, Know more closely their personalities and to fall in love of them , By the way Keep reading! also the review is here:


ALLY: Your first tattoo was?

ROB: That dragon on my arm.

Total shit, but I wanted something to hand me back some street cred.

 A: What's in your pockets?

R: Phone, wallet. Only necessary shit in there.

  A: Which member of the  band you respect more and why?

R: Considering West has been falling apart for the last few years and Mick is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, I'd have to say Joe is the bloody superglue that keeps us idiots together.

He grew up with his head screwed on right, that guy.

 A: What is your idea of ​​good entertainment (consider music, movies, art, etc..)?

R: Sex? Failing that (which I wouldn't fail), a loud band and a couple of beers.

 A:  What would you do if you had insomnia and you should to find something to relax?

R: Bet the shit outta a set of drums for a few hours. If no drums available, sex.

Don't look at me like that. I'm a dude and pretty much only think of one of two things.

 A:  Name three things that you consider yourself very good  and three in which you consider yourself very bad.

R: Shit, three of each?

Good things...gettin' a pretty bird into my bed, gettin' that pretty bird to heaven and kicking the bird out afterwards.

Bad things...voicing my feelings, knowing when to stop

and knowing which birds are keepers.


 ALLY: What are the three words best describe your personality?

LILLY: Quiet, determined, and unfortunately the third is gullible.

A: What is or are your / s hobbie /s or pastime / s favorite / s?
L: Once, I loved putting on a set of headphones and listening to music. Now, I don't really get the chance.

A: What's in your pockets?
L: Cell phone, money, ID. Keys to my apartment. Nothing special.

A: What is your idea of ​​good entertainment (consider music, movies, art, etc..)?
L: I kinda miss going out to restaurants and parties.

People got busy, then other things got in the way...

I'd really like to go out for a classic dinner and movie date again.

A:  What would you do if you had insomnia and you should to find something to relax?
L: If I can't sleep, it usually because I'm worried about something bad happening.

So, I check the locks. That always helps.

A: What phrases or words you use frequently?
L: I don't talk that much to people if I can't help it. I'm fine right here in my shell, thanks.


ALLY: What are the three words best describe your personality?

Amity Cross: Creative, focused and a little bit crazy.


A: Name three things that you consider yourself very good and three in which you consider yourself very bad.

AC: Good: Writing, Organising, getting things done on time.

Bad: Remembering to eat lunch because I was in some fantasy land, getting up in the morning, talking in front of large groups of people.


A: Choose: One hot guy at a concert, a writer on the airport, a boy of your work or a guy who helped with some issue?

AC: Can't I have one of each?


A: Do you believe in the existence of "soul mates" or true love?

AC: I've yet to experience it, so I wouldn't know. I'm the kind of person that hopes, but won't believe it's for me until it happens.


A: -What are your point of views on sex, sex safe or sex dangerous?

AC: Always do it safe, do it often with someone you care about, never do it because you're pressured to or because everyone else says you should.


A: What would you do if you had insomnia and you should to find something to relax?

AC: Read, or write down the crazy thoughts that are keeping me awake. (they're usually crazy writing related thoughts)


The Review

It's time to say see you soon, I do not speak of the blog, or that Amity stop writing (she is already preparing his next story), I am referring to Unexpected Series.  Unstoppable is the latest book in this series, and in this story we have of protagonist to Rob Hackok, the main drummer of the rockband Affliction.

Definitely you'll have to read the previous books because the story starts from where we were with Mick, Joe and West ... Speaking about stuff guy .

If you have read the reviews I've published of the previous books, you knows that for me this books are compared with delicious candies. In this case the inspiration came to me thanks to a cake shop. A delicious cupcake blueberry chocolate  with purple frosting represent this lovely book.

For me, the drummers are a mystery, but being honest the drum sound is what more I note when I listening to music, although I never noticed who is playing. So Rob, is a rockstar and yeah he has his fame but is the most mysterious of all with a story behind it.  And the side of the Super girls we have to Lilly, who in this case will be to help us (and to him too) to understand Rob, she will be the frosting of that delicious cake. She will have a deep story behind it along with a strong emotional charge.

This latest book is certainly a gift from the author for their fans, is a little lighter than the others, certainly takes a different path that carrying something delicious on every page, without leaving any loose thread.

Our protagonist Rob gives us a glimpse of what is happening currently with the band and takes us to his life in this new way. Rob is the most kept their feelings out, its battery is your only friend at that time when it seems everyone has given them to be in a pink cloud of sugar laden hot moments. Until that a little misfortune for a girl becomes his escape to start knowing it and discover what you really he wants. Lilly is that girl, and she certainly help Rob ... but as helping someone if you can not help yourself? Lilly comes with a suitcase full of ghosts, but these emotions and secrets is faltering because the fault of the sexy Rob.

Amity achieves melt a romantic story while still being erotic, play with the desires of each and shows us a different way to get that way with the help of the personality of each of the characters. The erotic goes in a sexy way and goes hand in hand with moments of great laughter and aside, the drama on who will be involved in this story.This book can be read very quickly, immediately I get my  virtual hands on it and within 3 hours I had laughed, weeping in joy and especially remembering many things or moments of this series.

Definitely I loved Rob is the guy that every girl wants in the  real life, is more natural, and for being honest  is which uses more the head but despite the barriers that has managed to put correctly, his heart is  the who commands  . And Lilly I can to say! You kept me on a personal dilemma and perhaps without a doubt , of the whole  characters of the series,Is  to whom I understood more, kept me laughing and yep, at any  time  my eyes seemed to summer rain.

Book dedicated to fans of Amity, for those who believe in love, for those who believe in the erotic stories and for those who like sexy boys and rockers with a big heart. A great close to this rock band.

My global stars : 5/5

P.S: My personal order of  favorite sexy rockers : Rob,Joe, Mick and West ; )

Do not forget to follow Amity,  comes a new story soon and  will be very different!




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