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 (¸.•´ (¸.•Valentines Sale
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Till Death Us Do Part 
The path of true love never runs smooth and that is the case for Tasha. However, this is a love story and when life throws her a curveball she has to decide whether to catch it.........or run away from it. 
Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/1Uasp0E

To Have and To Hold
Kammie and Luca find themselves in this situation and they try to stay away from each other, but they just can’t help themselves. 
Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/1Wfn3SA

For Richer or For Poorer
Follow Meg as she meets new friends and makes new relationships based on her new life. What happens when her two lives collide? Will her new friends want to know the old Meg.
Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/1Wfoj8s

Sunshine in Madrid (Book 1)
Join me on my tour of Madrid, this year is our 10th Anniversary and we intend to make it as good as the first trip we ever made which was to Barcelona. I brought back a souvenir that year that I still treasure.

Sunshine at Christmas (Book 2)
Follow the Sunshine Girls as they go gallivanting on the Austrian mountains. 
As always, with these ladies, the fun starts at the airport.. 

My One Regret
Do you believe in soul mates? 
Like really believe in soul mates? 
They say a soul mate is someone who has the key to unlock your heart... Make you feel safe enough to live as your truest self... 
The other half of you... 
So, when you meet “the one” take my advice and keep hold of him. 

Follow Cassie on her emotional journey along with all the twists and turns of fate and destiny! 

A Taste of Christmas Dublin Style
I need a miracle to happen over the Christmas holiday to make me change my mind about Christmas. 

Who knew that a quick shopping trip would provide me with the miracle that I so desperately needed? 

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