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☆ The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald ☆ | Book New 2016 - Release Book - Giveaway |

Once you let a book into your life, the most unexpected things can happen...

Broken Wheel, Iowa, has never seen anyone like Sara, who traveled all the way from Sweden just to meet her pen pal, Amy. When she arrives, however, she finds that Amy's funeral has just ended. Luckily, the townspeople are happy to look after their bewildered tourist—even if they don't understand her peculiar need for books. Marooned in a farm town that's almost beyond repair, Sara starts a bookstore in honor of her friend's memory. 

All she wants is to share the books she loves with the citizens of Broken Wheel and to convince them that reading is one of the great joys of life. But she makes some unconventional choices that could force a lot of secrets into the open and change things for everyone in town. 

Reminiscent of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, this is a warm, witty book about friendship, stories, and love.

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I'll start with a thanks to Sourcebooks and Netgalley for the Arc for this honest review.

The story about why I chose this book is simple: I wanted to know what happen with Sara and her new life after of the big decision to move the other side of world and meet new people in a certain and particular Broken Wheel.

The Readers of Broken Wheel recommend this book, and me too. Maybe It's because is a beautiful book, with a beautiful soul, the reader. This novel is controversial, why? It's sweet, emotive, in some point you can see this soul , the reader, the one which really loves the books. And proves the power of a book.  People on Broken Wheel is particularly special, non readers and the only reader was Amy, Sara's friend. And when this die, what happen with her books? Yep, Sara opens a bookstore and now, the challenge is simple, make the people can join to love  books.

Yeah, predictable and probably, you say: ooh maybe it's not for me. But hey! the way in that the story walks remember you, when you visit the bookstore and look a lot of people with different books and each with different options and feelings. Imagine that you will open a bookstore, and new readers (or probably readers also) going to visit your bookstore. What books you recommend to this persons? Imagine what feelings there are behind this persons. It's crazy and woh, isn't? It's like my blog but in the real life!!! The bookblogs and the booksellers have much in common.

That's my huge point for this book that may be predictable and may be adorable, but with a soul that shine in each reader on the world. The characters are defined very well, and each with a theme in question in the live of Sara and the books.

I had doubt about the change from Sweden to USA, it's a line delicate because you must take care with the details, there aren't problem with them. You read and the book goes good. Some ups and downs in the way but nothing that a good sofa, a cup of tea and good place can fix.

Yep, Take this book Book Lover and Enjoy it!

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