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Once Again (Again, #2) by J. Lea | Cover Reveal |

♥ Cover Reveal 

Once Again 
(Again, #2)
by J. Lea
Feb 21st

Once Again (Again, #2)

Ella finally discovers Jake's big secret, and the shocking news leaves her disappointed and angry. Knowledge that Jake was hiding such an important part of his life is a bitter pill to swallow, but her heart is willing to forgive him, and Ella gives Jake another chance to regain her trust.

But their hapiness doesn't last long. The shadows of Jake's past still haunt them, and it seems like there is no end to the dark clouds hovering over their relationship.

Is their love strong enough to withstand the obstacles life keeps throwing their way? Can Jake and Ella learn to trust each other after all they've been through, or will his past rip them apart once and for all?

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Never Again (Again #1)

Right after graduation, Ella Vaughn is on the verge of realizing her dreams of becoming a professional masseuse. She and her boyfriend finally move in together and everything seems perfect - almost too perfect. Until tragedy strikes and completely shatters her world.

Jake "The Beast" Burns is a world famous motorcyclist. A desirable bachelor, Jake is living a dream life - he has a loving family, great friends, money and fame. He's got it all. At least that's how it appears, until Ella, a strikingly beautiful brunette, walks into his life. Ella is completely different from the girls he usually hangs out with, and that arouses his interest. But not everything is as it seems. Jake is hiding a great secret which not even the media have been able to uncover.

Will Ella be able to forgive him or will she never want to see him again?

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I am a wife and a mother. 
Reading has always been a passion of mine, 
so I decided to give writing a go.

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