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Legend of Sunday, Excuse me Sir, What time is it? |OHtB! Horror October|



Hello Sunday !!! And Sundays and I ,really we are enemies by nature, so I decided to spend some time looking through my first books a story or well I should say legend. Most of these legends are anonymous and have been told by word of mouth, if there are books about them but do not have a specific title or author may vary according to the editorial change in my country.

Usually we can find legends with a lot of fantasy with mystery and somewhat with that feeling or rather environment that is spoken in Mexico at the time when the Spaniards conquered and settled, they were giving many legends and I think it is that time and that flourished more (ok, I not deny that currently appear about, but the old are the best). And the room or place where these events can happen these days feel that sense of shiver, wonder and question, if indeed spirits may have lying around.

This story takes place in the period of colonial, is a legend in the streets of the Historic Center of Mexico City, personally one of my favorite (for the simple fact that in some family gatherings often tell stories of legends on Day of the Deads to the Midnight) and is somewhat mysterious, maybe a little bloody, yet with a touch of fantasy.

The legend ...

The story begins like this: They say that many years ago, lived on a street in Old Town, a man named Don Juan Manuel. His house was just behind the Convent of San Bernardo. He was married to a beautiful woman full of virtues, besides possessing great wealth and property. Nevertheless, he was not happy because of the misfortune of not having succession. With sadness and seeking solace was devoted to religion, going to church for hours, to the extent that sought to separate from his wife in order to get to San Francisco as a friar. In order to have someone who could manage their businesses, He called a nephew who lived in Spain, who arrived soon after. However, very early in Don Juan Manuel born some big jealous, thinking that his wife was cheating on him, so one night desperation did invoke the Devil himself to offer his soul in exchange for the name of who he thought he was dishonoring.

The Devil appeared and told him to come out at night and kill the first person who passed in front. Don Juan Manuel obeyed, killing the first happened, but the next day, the Devil was resubmitted, telling the man he had killed was innocent, but that he should continue going out every night and continue killing until he appeared next to corpse and then find the real culprit.
Don Juan Manuel was filled with more anxiety, so every night he left his house wrapped in a dark cloak to wait for his victim. Silence and darkness were his accomplices hiding from the meanings of each of the innocents who had the misfortune of going through the street.

At exactly eleven o'clock Don Juan Manuel approached them to ask:
- Excuse me sir, what time is it?
- Eleven o'clock - answered.
- Blessed are you, who knows when it's going to die!

Don Juan Manuel pulled the dagger to bury him in one fell swoop into the body of his victim, who fell in agony. Don Juan Manuel, slowly disappeared again to go to their rooms and the next day again more desperately wait for nightfall.
The next day, the ronde found another body without anyone being able to find the responsible for such horrific murders.
One of these days, knocked on the door of Don Juan Manuel, carrying the corpse of the previous night. Don Juan Manuel recognized his nephew, whom he loved and with whom he had much gratitude for undertaking business.
Don Juan Manuel dissembled before the constables, but filled with remorse and anguish was sick of the convent of San Francisco to beg for mercy at the feet of a church. It undone by grief, the priest confessed his crimes and his pact with Satan.
The Rev. horror but calm, told him to go for three consecutive nights to pray a rosary to eleven at night at the foot of the gallows, to acquit him.

That same night, came Don Juan Manuel, but still not quite say the rosary when he heard a voice:
- One Our Father and one Hail Mary for the soul of D. Juan Manuel!
Don Juan Manuel fell silent and went back home to wait awake for the dawn and went back to the religious to tell him what happened.

The priest told him to return it because I had heard was surely a trap of the devil who wanted salvation away, so he recommended that persignara when he returned to perceive a thing.
With no choice, Don Juan Manuel returned that night at eleven to the gallows, but as he knelt to pray he saw a procession of ghostly figures carrying a corpse in a coffin. Don Juan Manuel approached and could see it was himself, so again he was filled with fear. The next day, Don Juan Manuel returned to the Convent of San Francisco impatiently begging monk who acquitted him, so he saw their repentance acquitted him on condition that night back to the gallows finish reciting the last part rosary.
No one knows what happened next, but they say the next day dawned hung the corpse of Don Juan Manuel. Some say that Don Juan Manuel was hanged by the angels, others by the devil, but nobody knows the truth.

They also say that he was never seen again because I finally managed to enter the order of San Francisco, renouncing his past life.

But others say that even after death, and after many years, still hear footsteps, passing horses and sometimes you could see a man walking lonely in costumes refined, and always about to ask the same question ... "Excuse me sir, what time is it? "and having at the same time answer ... "Eleven o'clock" and assuming an end "- Blessed are you, who knows when it's going to die!"

A photo of that time and that place, for many years ago back...


P.S:  Currently can be heard oxcarts that pass at midnight ... but there is nothing in the place ...

Keep enjoying the  Horror October !! ;)



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  1. Haha, I love this! I think legends are amazing, especially if you get someone who can really perform while telling the story. And this one was definitely a bit creepy! I don't think I'll be telling anyone the time anytime soon... O.o

  2. I'm glad you like it!Hahaha yeah is bit creepy, and believe me when I walk down at that street in the midnight I turned to all sides and more when I get to the old building, I will write another one soon and I hope you like it too :)