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Today is a day to celebrate! Happy day beautiful books!

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I hope you are very well ! , Today is a day to celebrate !

 International Day of the Book ( World Book Day) and Copyright Day , is this day , and I congratulate all those books that have made my days and my nights, a different journey through several countries , worlds, loves and hates , rock bands , tattoos, supernatural beings , languages ​​, bet, between time and space. Thanks for being there , teaching me these wonders .

Wao , many things come to my mind when I started to see beyond the bookstore of my country , considering that I had to wait for the books to be translated into my language ( Spanish ) , or that the vast majority are the  Bestsellers or acquaintances worldwide.

I started remove my fear of to read a book in English, Yeah! It's nice to see other cultures and more fun to learn words in English,
Explore out of my bookstore, and know this side of independent book was one of my greatest experiences. Of there that this little blog was born, and changed my literary life, could say that I will always be a fan of supernatural fantasy, but I have found more genres with stories that have captured me and I have decided to give me the opportunity to explore.

To celebrate this day I re-read one of my favorite books, with a big cup of tea and music in the background.

  I hope you will enjoy this day with your favorite book, maybe you go buy a new book, or make a marathon of your favorite series, everything is valid!

For now, let them my top ten on my way in reading this year in the blog:

1 -. Meeting new words or idioms in another language, it's fun :)

2 -. Enjoying other literary genres, ok here I am surprising me, I really enjoyed the adult genre, new adult and erotic.

3 - New favorite authors! Different genres each, it's very nice to see your way on progress.

4 - Rating a book? It has taken me work do it ,I trying to be as neutral as possible.

5 - Social Media and tastes, a good option if handled with respect a book, I like reading the reviews of others and in fact I have my favorite critics.

6 - Characters who have pleased me most are the ones in their imperfection is the magic.

7- Managing detail is important, tying all the threads makes you enjoy a good book.

 8 - Read in public places, and suddenly a scene makes you say WT*, laughing until you get tired or takes out a smile with form the halfmoon and puts you blushing. While people see you as if you were an alien LOL

9 -.The Books in the time of technology, I like both physical and ebooks, the latter made ​​me discover new worlds aka stories.

10 -.Thanks for confidence each author, for a review, by each Author that has become one of my favorite, you are great! And thanks the books are a small but great engine for the imagination :)








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