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Special St. Valentine's Day,Review and Interview of Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich


Hello readers! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is very special. Today we have a cute and lovely special with a book that definitely if you're a romantic girl should read:  Inner Core, the final novel in the  Stark Series.

Layers was the first title of this story, if you have not read the book do you expect?, click here to know it, if you already read it, and you fell in love with the characters, you will love and will definitely be one of your favorites.

Today I have a review of Inner Core and not only that, thanks to its author Sigal Ehrlich for giving  an interview for the blog, So Happy Valentine's Day and Let's Go!



Inner Core
(Stark #2)
by Sigal Ehrlich
Publication date: January 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When Hayley makes a resolution to take back the control over her life, and declare their relationship R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until Daniel decides to prove her wrong and get her back.

Together, Hayley and Daniel seem to have it all. But can love ever be enough when two strong personalities collide and while reality takes the lead?

Faced with more obstacles than she could have ever bargain for when it comes to Daniel, struggling to keep her own identity while sharing a life with her man. Buds of doubt start rooting in Hayley’s confidence, making her rethink her decision.

And just when it seems that they might make it together after all, life happens. Bringing a threat that neither Hayley nor Daniel could ever anticipate, a threat that could break them apart forever . . .

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This is the section of the small biography of the author, but I wanted something different and fun for this section, and Sigal made ​​it possible: a short interview. So, Meet a little more about

the Author of Stark Novel: Sigal Ehrlich.

SigalATCS -Who is Sigal Ehrlich?

 Sigal Ehrlich: A wife, a mother, a reader, an author, a non-romantic that writes romance.

 When you are not writing, what do you usually do in a normal day?

Well, I’m a mother of three, I guess that kind of covers it. I mostly play house by day…

 For you, what means Stark Novel?

My desire to write something that I’d like to read. I wanted a story in which the characters actually had a relationship rather than the good ol’ push and pull game/ tension till the very end.

 What is the character who has more of your personality in Stark Novel?

Good question… I’d say that it’s more a combination of Daniel and Hayley.

 What is your favorite author ?

It’s almost impossible to answer this one, I have many, and it actually varies from time to time. If I had to choose one though, at this moment it would be Stieg Larsson.

 Your favorite book in this moment?

In Pursuit by Olivia luck. 

The new book of Stark novel is Inner Core, In less of 140 characters , what can expect the fans from him?

A change in roles between Hayley and Daniel. A glimpse into the pasts, and new layers of personality for each and every one of the characters.

 I checked the list of songs from Inner Core , what is your favorite song?

Dark Roman Wine by Snow Patrol. It is by far my all-time favorite song.

Your favorite moment of Inner Core?

Epilogue, Hayley’s part, when Daniel comes to talk to her.

What is your favorite food?

Spanish, Tapas.

What is the most important thing you've learned so far as a writer?

To take a very deep breath after reading an acid review, and push it out of my head.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? and your part least favorite?

Dialogues, as it’s the best form to really express the characters personalities.

The least favorite, to put mildly, part would be the editing.

One place in the world for your visit coming, where would it be?

Without a shred of a doubt, Barcelona. I’m in love with this amazing city.

If you could talk with any person in history (living or dead), who would it be?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I’d love to hear her amazing story first-hand.

I Know than you speak spanish a little o much, and You like Spain, so what is your favorite word in spanish? your favorite food of Spain? and your favorite song in spanish?

My favorite word in this hermoso idioma is “Serenidad”

Favorite food, definitely Pimientos de Padrón Fritos

I have a few songs, but I’d say La Playa by La Oreja De Van Gogh. I could write a whole chapter with this sentence in mind: “Te voy a escribir la canción más bonita del mundo.”

Your next project is about:

A thirty-something who’s fed up with her life, and takes a decision to leave it all behind. She moves to a coastal town in Spain in order to really start living. Her grand plan is to enjoy life while breaking her many strict rules. During the voyage she takes to get to know the new country and herself, she maintains cyber therapy sessions with her questionable shrink.

When she finally begins to enjoy her new life, she meets someone that leaves her questioning everything she thought was right.

  Message to the fans and new readers

I am grateful to you, and overwhelmed by your response to Layers and Inner Core. Thank you so much for reading, reviewing, messaging, liking, loving, and spreading the word!

 And thank you Alice, for having me here!

You can follow her on:

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" To reach the core of inner beauty,
one must first unravel the many
protective layers."

It all started one weekend, if you have a long weekend, you can usually say "Hey, wait a marathon of movies" in my case it was not, I decided that that week was ideal for my marathon Stark Novel.

With Layers, I was familiar with, but still that feeling of excitement came back, and when you reach the end, I took a deep breath and I was ready to know what happened after that big break between D and H! I needed a snack for that time I did not know to wait, so ,as a good friend a girl chooses ice cream (a B & J flavor: mint chocolate is my favorite).for this book.

Hayley and Daniel return in this story at a time when their layers are trying to break after a difficult breakup, it's not just Daniel will struggle in this way, too Hayley has to begin to reveal the inside if you want proceed with Daniel at his side.

What I can say about the book? Definitely will be added to my favorites.

I liked more than the first, but of course, the first part is to know the characters and the story, in this second and final installment largely I liked for me  more the two book, because the 2 protagonists are definitely are at the same level. Daniel shows his cold side and "psycho" as Hayley says, but also their fears, insecurities, and it's not perfect, and also his sensitive side. Hayley met on the other hand sure of herself, love is not for me and in this part we find that she also has a sensitive side, has fears and above all want and need love. Everyone will have to go removing their protective outer layers to be able to find a way for both. 

His story is the inner core of this book, was releasing each of the characters so deeply and yet delicate, each character still have defined profile and undergoes natural changes only to advance the story.

The favourite friends of Hayley, Ian and Natasha still present and with great surprises, and funny, strong and thoroughly know more moments, my favorite of the two Ian!! That boy was my guru of laughter in several parts of the story.

Has tense moments, moments that help you release that tension, funny, sad moments, moments that do not let you breathe and romantic, very romantic without being sappy his moments, that's also something I liked.

As regards his writing and his genre, the first I must say that I like because it is clear, has no such exaggeration of what should be a relationship of two people, in contrast, feels very natural, unforced and takes you for that path with an ending that was very well deserved. And with it goes according to your type of genre. I only had a slight conflict with some details regarding the shape of the chapters in one hand, but nothing that could damage history.

Personally, I really was excited with this book, it was a great luck, fortune to read it, you get attached very easy to the characters: My favorites Ian and Daniel, since last year the author told me that this book was going to be definitely end of the book that did not want to stretch the story and damage it, this book had his way, and and I agree with her, it was a good decision. Love the end, it's very beautiful. I congratulate the author for this beautiful story.

For this special day if you have the chance to read it,do it! or it may be at any time, will love it, it's a very nice gift too, if you want to read it on marathon or each book individually. Definitely a good choice.

Sigal I hope we have a new story with romance, no doubt that I'll be waiting it!
Meanwhile a very happy Valentine's Day to Daniel and Hayley!

Happy Valentine's Day!

PD: My Star Hearts Reviews  5


*An E-arc was provided for an honest review*

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