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Little Things Alice, What happened in February?


Holaa (Hi!!!):

What happened in February? Pff ... I think many things. But I will write the most important for not to bore you with my bhla bhla blaa ... ha ha, I hope this month,  you have been very well  and  with much love, iced tea and pizza.

February was filled of colors, hearts on every corner, lots of hugs, sunny days and couples everywhere, also friends enjoying those little magical moments, or families, love and friendship were present. Cats! Yes, this month also cats were recorded in my February list and for good cause, a crazy cat girl? uhm maybe. And the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, came to my country! Well, a mini Cersei Lannister is now somewhere in my room.


Lets start with the February 14, Valentine's Day, a Friday full of hearts? Well in my blog I   had the opportunity to present the second part of Stark Novel, if you not have read it  click HERE! I enjoyed this series of two books, the second I read for review and then did a marathon reading for that week undoubtedly one of the series that is my favorite. Highly recommended for those romantic dates. In life, a lot of red, donuts and games :) but great. Valentine's Day with zombie love of Resident Evil 6, accompanied donut with raspberry jelly and a special awesome!

Cats, cats and more cats!! In my country we have what is called Gato Fest (Cat Fest) is a pre-Cat Day Festival, andIMG_20140216_164601_20140225123827654 yes, it is the celebration of cats, their owners, cat lovers and cats that need more help. Your goal is to sell things for cats, or objects with a particular sign on cats and get  help in kind for kittens from shelters, as well as promoting its adoption.

It was my first year so I take my little donation of  bags of kibble, and I was looking things for my cat, a bed and toys, and for me the official event T-shirt and a small purse. Why is it important to me? It's Personal, well ,my cat is adopted, born in the street, it became an orphan but a week of his birth he came to my house, now is a whole feline believed  and yeah too pampered. Any animal deserves respect, love and a chance of a decent life. If you have events like this in your country,  support him, something small makes a difference. By the way ... my purse became his new pillow for your bed, he was sniffing it, he played with him and took him with his snout, so will I need a new one.

Cat's Day = One of my favorites animals since I can remember, an animal that divides the opinions of both humans since ancient time. The other animal of my choice: birds

The objects and costume Stark family, the Lannister family, the Tyrell familiy, Daenerys Targaryen and your dragon eggs and the coveted Iron Throne, sounds good, not? Game of Thrones The Exhibit came to my country for a short visit of 5 days for the fans could to see the work behind this series. It was a great experience!


The event was free, but made ​​a record to keep track of visits and that could have an enjoyable visit. I congratulate the team and HBO Latino for choosing place very well.

The exhibition, WAO! I was very impressed with the costume details, very well maintained, the dresses were my favorites, along with  rose of the Tyrell family, also with the costume of Tyron and the dresses of Daenerys Targaryen and your dragon eggs.

There was a small space that was interactive multimedia simulation by scaling The Wall, maybe in this part all the floor literally shook me. And what everyone wondered the Iron Throne?

Yep, there it was, beautiful and elegant, well I must say I admire the details, very detailed work is counting than the fact that said his budget was low for the completion of the program. They achieved great expectations. 

1392757664887_20140225123958665I got my picture in the Iron throne (this in my Facebook,I hope to download soon) and also a small gift, a mini Cersei Lannister!
In the line to enter was made a little contest with a trivia question and thanks to Ygritte,in a privileged space of my room this Cersei Lannister.

February has not ended, though perhaps forward a bit the Little Things Alice, we still have a few days to enjoy. March is arriving a little crazy or so I think.

And in you think of February?


P.S: I'll upload more photos on Facebook Page of Blog about the events! So like!



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